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NYC High Dose IV Vitamin C | New York IV Infusion | 347-826-3331
NYC High Dose IV Vitamin C | | Call 347-826-3331

IV therapy otherwise known as intravenous therapy is the processes of administering essential minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and chelating agents directly through your vein to your bloodstream. During this powerful process High Dose Vitamin C IV is injected in to your body to supply you the nutrients in high doses that you body can’t receive through oral route. This is because your body gets the nutrients through IV infusion without having to go through your digestive system. This infusion therapy helps your body to absorb more vitamins when your body requires. This is why vitamin therapy is highly effective as compared to its oral counterpart.

How does vitamin IV therapy work?

High Dose Vitamin C IV is responsible for production of hydrogen peroxide in your body. This chemical works as a very good toxin for the cancer cells in your body. The healthy cells of your body have the capability to reduce the amount of hydrogen peroxide easily. When your ailing cells come in contact with hydrogen peroxide generated from vitamin C, those cells become dead. Another thing about the high doses of vitamin C IV therapy is that these don’t act as anti-oxidants. Instead of that, these act as pre-oxidants. This makes it easy for hydrogen peroxide to kill the tumor cells which are deficient of anti-oxidants.

Vitamin IV doses and customization options

In generally the IV infusion therapy is administered in single or double infusions with 50-75 grams each every week for about six months. With reassessment of your conditions, the therapy can be administered once or twice in a month till the time when you recuperate completely.

Till date there are around 60 customization options of this therapy. Depending upon the need of the patient, the therapy can be made with different proportions of the vitamins, minerals and other components.

When do you need to go for High Dose Vitamin C IV therapy?

* Cancer treatment

The IV therapy is the most recent treatment for cancer. With IV infusion, the cancerous cells become dead.

* Asthma treatment

The infusion therapy for asthma helps in alleviating the difficulty of the patients to properly breathe. This therapy is a combination of vitamin C and many other ingredients.

* Detoxification

The IV therapy opens the doors for the toxins to get out of your body. With this whole process, toxicants get removed from your liver and immune system.

* Memory function

You tend to forget things usually. This is not the effect of the age but you lack essential vitamins and minerals which can be infused in to your body through the process explained above.

* Weigh loss

There are various factors which cause weight gain in your body. With the help of the infusion process, you can lose the extra weight you put up without the help of the exercises.

How safe is High Dose Vitamin C IV for your body?

The therapy is completely safe. Highly competent professionals take note of your vital signs before administering infusion. They decide the doses of infusion basing on the vital signs of your body.

If you are struggling with the aforementioned problems, you can call the IV Infusion clinic in New York, NY to get all your queried answered. It is always better know everything about a process before you undergo.

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Phentermine Medical Weight Loss | Ricky’s Story | Call 469-434-3380
Phentermine Medical Weight Loss Story | Dr. Michael Cherkassky Call 469-434-3380

This is a video interview with Ricky who lost an incredible 281 pounds in two years following Dr. Cherkassky’s weight loss program. The medical weight loss program combines the prescription drug Phentermine and Sensotherapy to help patients quickly lose weight and keep it off.

Patient: Ricky
Starting Weight: 443lbs (2009)
Final Weight: 177lbs (2011
Current Weight: 162lbs (2016)

Ricky’s current weight is 162 pounds. At his first appointment he weighed 443 pounds. It is important to note that Ricky followed the plan the doctor prescribed, which included a monthly appointment.

Q: Tell Me about the picture of you in the waiting room.

Yes, that was from four or five years ago at the Waterford rodeo. I started right after that at Christmas time the same year. After I started coming to the clinic each month, the weight started coming right off. I started seeing the effects of the weight loss program and I liked it. I liked the way I looked, the way I felt. I felt better about myself, so just stuck with it.

No one recognized me after the first six months of being on the program. I liked that. They heard my voice but not the way I looked. They put two and two together and figured out that this was not the same guy.

Q: What was your first appointment like?

The first time I came in I was with my dad and my stepmother. I was not nervous or anything like that. The first time that I met the doctor was when he was drawing my blood. I sat on the end of the examination table and the table kicked up. I was on the very end of it and I weight so much that I picked up the end of the table.

Every one in the office has been great and very helpful.

The truth is that nobody that thought that I would stick with it. My attitude was that I would try anything. Since I tried so many things in the past. Previously I would try things for a few weeks and when I didn’t see results I would just quit. After the first month on this program, I started to see results, so I went on to the next month and the month after that.

Q. What other things did you try before you started this program?

I tried weight loss pills and going to the gym. 20 minutes into my workout and I would be bored. I wanted something quick and over time I started to see that nothing effective is quick like that. I can’t just take a pill and then expect my weight to drop off. I have to stick with the program and help the program to work effectively.

Q. What made it possible for you to stick with this program?

The program was simple and very easy to follow. I did not have to stop for 30 minutes and do these very specific things. I did not have to take a book with me and read through it all the time. The program is so simple that anyone can do it.

I ate the same food as I always ate, I just didn’t eat as much of it. Because of the program I was not as hungry all of the time. I felt full all the time and I have an incredible amount of energy. So, I did not have to worry about eating all the time and fuel, because I did not need it.

The only problem at first was my energy level. The doctor gave me Sensotherapy, which helped me throughout the day.

Q. How have your thoughts about weight loss and food changed?

My answer to this question is actually kind of embarrassing, I guess.

I have been overweight and over eating for my entire life. When we go out to eat now, I see people with plates piled high with food. That used to be me. I would go to the pizza place up the road and I would be there for an hour and my plate would be mounded up with food every time. I go anywhere now to places like that and I don’t over eat.

Q. Did the program help you with specific types of food cravings?

I still go out to fast food restaurant snd eat things like burgers and fries. I now usually get a regular burger and small fires with a water, and I am full. It has been like that now for almost five years since doing this program.

Q. What would you tell anyone that asked you about this weight loss program?

It has been two or three years since I have even been back to see the doctor. I lost the weight and I kept it off.

To me this was not a diet, it was lifestyle change. I needed to do something. I was tired all the time and I had no energy. I felt good about myself. I have always been a happy person. When I moved, I moved slowly.

It has been three years now and I am living proof that this program works.

For more information about how you can get started on the same program that helped Ricky lose 281 pounds, call Dr. Cherkassky today at 469-434-3380.

Ask about the $50 discount for new patients.

Michael Cherkassky, M.D.
5925 Forest Ln Ste 209
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