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Medical Weight Loss Dallas | Brenda’s Weight Loss Story | 469-434-3380
Dr. Michael Cherkassky is a weight loss doctor in Dallas Texas, who has helped thousands of patients lose weight with this plan.

Brenda talks about her weight loss in this video.

Brenda H.
Present Weight: 155lbs.
Previous Weight: 215lbs.

What were things like when you decided you needed help slimming down?

When I came to see the physician I weighted 215 pounds. I was quite sad. I could not even tie my shoes. I could not get up without being out of breath and could not bend over. I was simply not happy. I was told by a friend of mine about the doctor. He’s been helping me ever since I came to see him.

I’ve lost 60 pounds. I ‘m really very happy. I can dance all night now.

I couldn’t get my socks and shoes on without being quite uncomfortable. Pantyhose? Good gracious. Don’t even talk about that to me. So now if I want to wear them, I wear them and If I don’t, I don’t. I can get them on with now without any difficulty. Since I need to get dressed everyone up once in a while and that is quite important.

That’s the principal thing. You’re sitting on the sofa watching TV and you want to do something. You must help yourself to get up. You can not just stand up because you have too much weight. That’s all there is to it.

How are things that you’ve dropped from 215 to 155 pounds?

I can head to ball games and sit in those seats with no difficulty. I can get on an airplane and not feel all scrunched up. There are all types of stuff that not being so much over weight helps.

What the first appointment like with the doctor?

The physician is so sympathetic and so nice to your own difficulties. He tells you you can be helped by him, and all you need to do is follow the instructions. If you’ve got any difficulties let him know and he’ll do what he can to correct the program merely to suit you, and he does. I have lost lots of weight within my time but I have consistently gained it back. This time it has been fours years and I have n’t gained it back. That is worth everything.

Because the physician is so helpful I would preferably come see to the weight-loss clinic each month as opposed to going to Weight Watchers or some plan that you just need certainly to go to every week.

How has your life changed?

I have had a cabinet full of most sizes of dresses from twenty-twos, which is what I was wearing when I came back to see him. I never considered that much before, and now I wear a size ten or twelve. I had to get a size 18 and I recall going by this one store one time and I wasn’t even that huge but I ‘d to get an eighteens for them to even fit over my hips. I’m simply happy to help you to shop in a regular size store.

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