Rosario’s Dallas Medical Weight Loss Review

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Dr. Michael Cherkassky is a Dallas weight loss doctor that specializes in medical weight loss. Dr. Cherkassky has helped many patients in Dallas lose weight without surgical procedures. In this interview a patient discusses her experience and success with the medical weight loss program.

My first name is Rosario, and I live in Fort Worth.

How long have you been coming to the weight loss clinic?

I started the medical weight loss program three months ago. I’m so, so happy. I was 189 and now I’m 162. I feel so healthy, so happy and my stress is gone [laughs]. Yes, it’s a really, really good experience to be here with the doctor.

What other types of weight loss did you try before you started the weight loss plan?

I tried everything, all kind of pills, I’ve got a big box with pills because I tried so many different labels. Some did not do anything. Here at the weight loss clinic I got my diet plan. I follow the diet and everything is perfect.

Was there one specific thing that made you decide that you have to do something different about losing weight?

When we want to lose weight, we will try everything. Then one day somebody told me about this weight loss place and I said, “Okay, I’ll try it.” I’m here and I’m so happy. I did not do anything for a long time. Finally I decided to come in.

Tell me what it was like when you first came here to the office?

Later on, they were so polite when I came in. They made me feel comfortable. They gave me a little cookie, or they asked me for potato chips or something so they could help me with my snacking. When I get out, I tried my chips in the car, and I say, “No, it doesn’t taste good. Why do they burn on my tongue?” Then I said, “Oh, this is the right place. It works.” [laughs] Yes, it works.

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SenPaste and Sensotherapy – Medical Weight Loss Supplements

That was the SenPaste?


Did the SenPaste work right away?

Yes, right away. I tried eating the chips after the appointment and I can’t because it doesn’t taste good. That is exactly what we need to get something because when we’re so hungry or we’ve got a problem a nd we can’t stop eating. But with this SenPaste you stop to eating because it doesn’t taste like anything anymore. You say, “Why am I eating if I do not get any flavor?” Then I love it. I love this place.

Great. Tell me about the office staff and how they help you.

The office staff here is so polite. They ask me if you need something give us a call. Did you want to try the paste, come here we do I think once a week. I don’t know, I’ve forgotten but they’re so, so polite. They’re so friendly, the doctor, you’re okay. They check your body, your health, your lungs.

Other weight loss clinics that I went to said, “Oh, come back after a month.” Here, they told me, “You don’t feel good, give us a call.” The first week they called me, “Hey, everything is okay? Do you feel good, is there any problem?” I say, “No.” They’re fantastic people.

What it’s like now after you have lost weight versus when you started?

I feel so different. I’m happy. Now that it’s true I feel so different. Before when I would try to go up and down the stairs it was hard. I would try to do it once or twice a day. Now I can go up and down many times. I feel healthy. The doctors have said everything is okay. My heart and blood pressure are good. Everything is good according to my primary doctor.

I get to be my better self. I have my your clothes and I feel great, “Now I can wear it.” It’s a lot different. It makes you feel better, happy. I am now working with the people at church. I help everybody because I feel like I can do it because I have lost weight. When I was so big, I’ll say, “No. I want to sit down and do nothing.” It was hard when I want to do something because I felt, [panting]. With two or three steps, [panting]. Now I feel really, really good and still I want to lose more weight.

Tell me about the program and eating regular food.

They give you the diet plan. It has to be 1200 calories at a day. You can follow the diet but sometimes I didn’t. Only I eat if I had to go the the restaurant, I’d go. But I’d check, “I will get 600 cal. Okay. Not that. I can get it.” I had to get to 1200 calories a day. That is great because you don’t need to follow a special program that is hard to follow. Only you take care of what you eat. You can drink soda if you want it. But you see the calories. They’re okay. I would drink my soda but I can’t eat too much.

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Dallas Medical Weight Loss Review from Rosario – Michael Cherkassky, M.D.

Overall, do you find it easy to follow?

On Sunday, I get a free meal on the diet plan. I eat whatever I want. I can go to the restaurant, and the doctor says, “Sunday is yours.” Okay, but I take care. When I follow the program, I lose weight. When I don’t follow it, I don’t lose weight. Slowly, slowly. Before, you know the problems and the weight are gone. Before, I do this one diet, and I follow it for one week, and then I try another diet again next week. I want something, and I say, “No, I have to follow.” This one, no.

How has your eating changed now that you are not hungry all the time?

The doctor gives you the medicine. The first time is hard because you are always eating and wanting junk food. The first week is a little hard, but you do it. The next week is easy one like 100%. The next one is 90%, the next one is 80%, then your desire goes down, down, down, down until you didn’t want it. That is the big point.

When your body get it, it’s like a transformation for your body. When you get it, it’s easy. It’s easy only you need to follow, follow. You don’t go back because you’ll say, “Okay, if I’ll go back, I will get a little weight.” Your stomach doesn’t like you to go back. That is the best I think.

Is it easier to exercise now than before?

I do samba, before I walk but now I do samba and I feel so happy. I drink a lot of water and do exercise. Because you lose weight then your body is becoming soft. Then if you do exercise it keeps you in a good shape, then your body goes back easily. Exercise is better because you feel good and your body is start to coming back without any problem. Then the patients come to the doctor, do exercise, and drink a lot of water, that’s it and be happy.

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Dr. Cherkassky is a medical weight loss provider who offers medical weight loss Grand Prairie TX to patients in the area who are tired of bouncing from one fad diet to the other and are ready to find the real thing and to see actual results that last. Along with encouraging healthy habits and lifestyle changes, Dr. Michael Cherkassky incorporates state-of-the-art methods and techniques at his medical weight loss clinic. This includes the prescription of helpful medications like phentermine which can help many patients to successfully alleviate cravings so as to better adjust to their new nutritional and dietary habits. Using medications like phentermine allows patients not to become disheartened by feelings of hunger and deprivation at the start of their weight loss journey. As the program advances and the patient adjusts to new habits, what once felt like a difficult challenge will soon feel completely normal and healthy as the body adjusts.

Pharmacy aisles are full of countless weight loss products with bright labels and bold letters stating their ability to provide easy, fast weight loss without the need for any real change to your habits. It can be easy to become wrapped up in all of the promises, but the reality is not quite so simple. Many of these products may yield temporary results, either due to water weight loss or even nutrition deprivation and extremely low calorie intake, but the results are hardly healthy or long-lasting.

The Key to Medical Weight Loss Grand Prairie

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Medical Weight Loss Grand Prairie TX – Dr. Michael Cherkassky

The key to a healthy weight loss experience is finding ways to change your exercise and eating habits in such a way as to make it possible to maintain the results after your period of actual weight loss is complete. After all, what good is a program that is so hard that you’re unable to make the changes necessary to keep the weight off after the program is over? At the medical weight loss clinic of Dr. Michael Cherkassky, patients can expect a comprehensive medical weight loss program that centers around helping individuals adopt new and improved approaches to nutrition and exercise.

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Dr. Michael Cherkassky is a weight loss doctor who runs one of the best weight loss programs Grand Prairie TX. His effective approach to weight reduction allows patients to eat normal food they love without the need for guilt or deprivation. He understands the role that cravings play and he helps his patients to curb those cravings using natural methods and prescription for weight loss, when necessary. He offers phentermine prescription medication to certain patients who are in need of a helpful appetite suppressant to help curb hunger. Despite this, however, he is not an advocate for deprivation. He encourages 1200 calorie diets that include regular foods. His ultimate goal is to develop weight loss programs that help patients lose weight in an effective way but also don’t leave patients feeling discouraged that they will never eat foods they love again.

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It’s not uncommon for deprivation to be the first word on anyone’s mind when they consider weight loss. This is an unfortunate truth, and one that keeps many people from taking that first step towards attempting weight reduction. Fortunately for those who aren’t interested in saying goodbye to normal foods or in depriving their body of regular foods they enjoy, weight loss programs Grand Prairie TX are available that allow for the consumption of yummy foods in moderation.

Dr. Michael Cherkassky develops weight loss plans that focus on the very best techniques and prescription for weight loss medications. He incorporates a standard 1200 calorie diet composed of normal food and drink. His weight loss plans are easy to follow and his use of phentermine prescription allows him to help his patients acclimate to their new diet in a way that is as painless and seamless as possible. To Michael Cherkassky M.D., nothing is more important than helping his patients to develop habits that can be sustained long-term. Through his use of realistic techniques and manageable methods, he’s able to ensure that his patients are able to make the necessary lifestyle adjustments and sustain them for a lifetime.

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For more information about one of the best weight loss programs in Grand Prairie, to schedule an appointment, or to learn more about the first-time patient discounts available, give our office a call today. We would love to answer any and all questions you might have about the benefits of weight loss programs and help you to get started on your journey towards a healthier, happier you!

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